hattoriphotography.com: Links

David Whitman Photography
Beautiful, "painterly", vibrant images from Brasil - spectacular!!

Joshua Scherling Photography
Ethereal, beautifully crafted black and white images of the Pacific Coast; traditional film and silver gelatin prints.

Karen Frey Fine Art/Contemporary Realism
Karen Frey has a way with light in her paintings, especially her watercolors, that not only draws you in but makes you feel as if you are right there; you can feel the warmth of the sun, imagine the smells and sounds...
She is an absolute master and her work is a must see!

Kumihimo: Japanese Silk Braiding
This is a link to my small gallery of silk braids on the wonderful Weavershand website. Kumihimo is an ancient form of braiding, used in many capacities today, and done worldwide. Please visit the site and enjoy all the other galleries of braids as well!