hattoriphotography.com: About Me

Hello! My name is Michael Hattori. I became interested in photography as child after my uncle, who was a photographer, took me along on one of his photo club trips to an orchid farm; I had my father's old Rollei camera and was instantly drawn into the camera's eye. Although many of the pictures I took were blurry I did get a few good shots, and some pats on the back from other photographers in the club.
I have been told for many years that I have a "great eye" and that I ought to sell my photos, but only recently decided to take that leap.
I work full time as a registered nurse in the operating room - a very exciting and fulfilling job. But I have always wanted to have something to satisfy my creative side, and have many interests (too many, in fact....), and the opportunity to share and sell my photographs has come just at the right time.
Digital photography has come of age and with it the ability not only to completely control and output professional quality work yourself, but to do so in your own home. How can you resist???
What I really love about photography is the ability to capture images in time and share them with other people, images of far away places, fascinating people, natural beauty.....
I hope you enjoy my photography and that it takes you to someplace new and wonderful!

I am presently shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II and do all of my own printing, using an Epson R4900 and an HP Z3200 wide format printer.