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     Although I do not have any particular specialty, I most enjoy travel photography; being in a novel and sometimes challenging envirvonment opens the eye to different perspectives, both literally and figuratively. When I look through a lens, I try to capture something compelling, with a story to tell.

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 13256362: Pfeiffer State Beach Sunset PORTFOLIO
This is a representative collection of my work, both color, and black and white.

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 6908774: Dahlia Stillife BP Editor's Picks/Finalists

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 7710380: Gangchenpo, Nepal New Additions
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© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 11237450: Open Studio
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© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 9090707: Strawflower and Dahlias Monthly Contest Submissions
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© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 1560574: Bixby Creek View Nature/Landscapes

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© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 1571085: Field workers Travel: Southeast Asia, Japan, Nepal
Being in a new place causes you to be aware, sometimes hyper-aware of things you might take for granted in a familiar environment- sights, sounds, smells.... The novelty of so many different things also creates a very exciting and dynamic environment for photography, full of adventure and spontaneity.
What I enjoy most is sharing those experiences with other people through my photos.

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 5932484: Tulip Flowers

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 1859341: Spreckels Blvd in Winter Black & White

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 1557794: Bellagio Ceiling Detail Miscellaneous

© Michael  Hattori PhotoID# 1724157: Kirin Building Architecture/Elements of Design

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